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17 November 2021

Company description:

This startup is an on-demand delivery platform where users can order the products they want from different retailers/shops with a delivery within 2 hours. The value proposition is twofold:

1. They give users online access to different retailers and same-day delivery.

2. They help retailers to have additional revenue streams and distribution channels.

The market size of the online grocery delivery market in the Netherlands is 1.69 billion EUR. Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht are accountable for 160 million EUR. This startup aims to get a market share of 1.69 million EUR in the following 3 to 5 years.

Most of the big supermarkets and retailers in the Netherlands are not capable of delivering their products the same day and are facing strong competition from new delivery players that are attempting to offer essential needs in 10 to 15 minutes. This startup is filling this market gap with its value proposition.

This market gap increases because more and more people (mostly families with kids or households with busy working parents between 35 and 60 years old) spend hours doing the shopping of their essential needs from different retailers. Thereby the retailers are forced to have a minimum amount of orders. The online shopper can not order online from different retailers and have the different products delivered in one order. Therefore existing retailers are losing market share against new delivery players. This startup will be a partner of the existing retailers.

At this moment the startup is onboarding small medium-size retailers to establish business partnerships by having their inventory digitized in their platform, the estimation is to have at least 50 retailers onboarded within one year. Also, they are finishing their mobile app that is going to be launched in 3 to 4 months. In the meantime, they have a web based prototype through which people can order from.

In two months of operation, this startup has been able to establish one business partnership with a small retailer and had over 70 transactions and 20 recurring customers. They plan to have more than 200 recurring customers in the upcoming 3 months.


Business Model:

The business model is based on three revenue streams:

1. A dynamic delivery fee paid by customers;

2. A commission fee from driving additional orders to retailers;

3. A marketing and advertising fee for promoting retailers’ products on our platform.


Customer type / profile:

B2B and B2C

Preferable investor type:

Angel investor; Incubator/accelerator



Their business model is unique as it is more cost-efficient than current delivery players because they do not use fulfillment centers. Instead, the startup leverage the existing retailers that are geographically clustered together in most of the main dutch cities to be able to deliver same day.

They offer not only groceries and daily essentials but any product that can be found in boutique retailers or the most popular supermarket and stores in the Netherlands. In addition to this, they help dutch existing retailers and entrepreneurs to have additional revenue streams, additional distribution channels and competitive logistic and delivery workflows.

The startup offers personalized delivery windows according to customers’ time restrictions and needs.


Capital amount needed:


Investment need:

– €40.000,- Platform development (user app, rider app, backend dashboard, payment platform)

– €30.000,- Initial delivery infrastructure (cargo e-bikes, e-bikes,m hiring riders and shoppers, uniforms)

– €30.000,- Operational costs (salaries, administrative expenses, etc.)

– €20.000,- Commercial efforts (establishing new business partnerships)

– €30.000,- Marketing and publicity efforts



Logistics; Retail; B2C Software



Early Growth


Number of founders:



Current number of employees:




The team has 14 years of experience as an Entrepreneur and Business consultant in Corporate Management and covered Consultancy Positions in IT and logistic and transportation Industries – Ex IBM , Ex Oracle.

Monthly turnover (current):


Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:


Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:



Current monthly expenses:



Additional information:

The company has been bootstrapped with their own resources (€15.000,-)

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