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We make the perfect match with your expertise and investment wish. By connecting you with an organization that is looking for the next step within their organization, we can help companies grow together. Every match is different, which is why we work with a personal approach. Let us know your approach and we will look for your next investment.

Do you not want to invest directly in companies but are you looking for a co-founder/partner role in a certain company? Then view our Co-founder/partner offered page for placement of such a profile.

How does the matching process work?

A basic listing is a listing of your search profile on and is completely free of charge. We will forward you the reactions after which you can contact the interested entrepreneur(s). There are no costs attached to this!

How much does the matchmaking cost?

Every matching, company or investor is different. Searching for an investor through the site is free. If additional help from our experts is required, we will be happy to review and discuss the options with you. Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities in your situation. We are happy to help with an active matching.

Is a search profile really free?

An investor search profile on is 100% free. Of course it is also possible that we do not publish it and only record it discreetly in our system in order to be able to send you new propositions as well as possible. Please let us know in the form below.

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You do not pay any money for placing a search profile. So no discussions about services that have not been provided. We only earn after results.


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Matching is not always central to capital. In addition to this facet, it is important that an organization connects to expertise and how they can support your company.

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