The healthiest dog food subscription service

11 February 2023

This is the healthiest dog food subscription service.

This company uses human-grade ingredients and freeze-drying technology to deliver 100% nutritional value. They have their own recipe and quality assurance process. The food is produced in a licensed factory in Italy according to their recipe.

Dog health has been deteriorating since the 1970s. Since then, the dog population experienced a 900% increase in diabetes and a 50% likelihood of developing cancer. Result: loss of a loved pet and huge vet bills.

Pet care services are worth 190BN EUR globally and ±5.2% CAGR reaching 270BN EUR in 2025. TAM in the EU is ±14B EUR for premium dog food ±5% CAGR (cat owner’s audience is the same size).

The company started in 2020 and have got ±35.000 EUR monthly revenue, around 500 active subscribers in Europe, a 3 million EUR distribution partnership contract in Hong Kong and Cat food ready for launch.



Business Model:

In Europe, the company sells directly to customers and has recurring month-on-month payments. Their Average Order Value is ±75 EUR / month for a regular subscriber.

In addition, they also started selling B2B wholesale. The company has a 3 million EUR agreement with a distributor in Hong Kong, which goes with a 50% markup. They are also finalizing a similar size contract with a partner in South Korea.


Customer type / profile:

B2C and B2B


Preferable investor type:

Angel investor; Strategic investor



–       Freeze Drying Technology

–       Human-grade meat

–       Superfood ingredients

–       Personalization for the subscribers.


Capital amount needed:

€500.000,- (The total round was €600.000,-, although €100.000,- is already committed.)


Investment need:

–       €200.000,- working capital;

–       €100.000,- marketing / customer acquisition;

–       €150.000,- product development, packaging, new recipes, upsell products;

–       €50.000,- B2B sales development.




Food, Health, Retail



Early Growth


Number of founders:



Current number of employees:




Co-founder 1: Certified dog nutritionist
Creator of award-winning products and designs – SHOO shampoo
Partnerships with researchers at NASA, Epigenix foundation and pet welfare organizations worldwide.

Co-founder 2:
Built XtGem – more than 200,000,000 unique monthly visitors
Growth and Funding management  experience
Executive Team building – San Francisco, London, Singapore.



Monthly turnover (current):




Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:




Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:



Current monthly expenses:



Committed funding in the current financing round:


(This listing is concerning a non-dutch company.)

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