FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a listing on GetFunded.com
Yes, a listing on GetFunded.com is possible. Please go to Entrepreneurs or Investors or mail to info@getfunded.com.

Why is a listing in GetFunded.com free?
GetFunded.com wants to make funding easier and more accesable for both entrepreneurs and investors.

Is a listing really on No Cure No Pay basis?

Yes, we really work on a no cure no pay basis.

Is it possible to advertise as an external company on GetFunded.com?

Ja, this is possible. For more information please contact info@getfunded.com.

Venture Capital, Angel Investor and Private Equity have many terms, what do they mean?
Have a look at the informative articles about “Venture Capital” and “Angel Investor” on GetFunded.com.

Who is the initiator of GetFunded.com? 

GetFunded.com is an initiative of VentureCapital.nl BV (limited in The Netherlands).

Who are the investors affiliated with GetFunded.com?

Informals, Incubators, Venture Builders, Venture Capital investors, Coroporate Venture Investors, etc.

What is your success fee?

2% on a no cure no pay basis.

What service do you offer

Matchmaking; with our platform we only connect entrepreneurs and investors with each other. 

Are you just a matchmaking platform, or do you also help in the process
GetFunded.com is only a matchmaking platform!

As an investor, how do I get in touch with an entrepreneur?

On marketplace you can view all investment listings, if you as an investor are interested in a certain profile please contact the entrepreneur directly.

More questions?

Is your question not listed here? Please contact us: info@getfunded.com or our contact page.