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Every organization has to develop and open up new opportunities. We believe that a number of facets are required for this: Capital, information and advice. By connecting your company with an investor, supporting it and providing it with the right information, we make it possible to take you to the next step of your organization.

How does the matching process work?

Publish your profile quickly and easily by registering via the registration form below. After approval of the presentation, we will notify you and send it to the registered investors. We will send responses to you one on one, after which you can contact the interested investor (s). We charge you a one time fee of € 299,- only. 

What fee do you charge for matching?

No matching fee or commisions on GetFunded.com. We only charge a € 299,- setup fee for a listing. 

How much does a listing cost?

Only € 299,- per listing on GetFunded.com. Your investmentprofile will be listed for an unlimted time.

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Publish your company profile without obligation in an environment of other entrepreneurs, investors and advice-oriented experts. The listings aim for the best results for your business.


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We charge a setup fee for a listing / publication only. Low costs (only € 299,-) for maximum exposure!


A suitable match

Matchmaking is not always on capital only. In addition to capital it is very important that an investor connects to expertise and how they can support your company.

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