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12 July 2022

This startup develops ground-breaking technology that enables wireless energy transfer by coupling MRT with RF. This works on short activities with longer distances, to power and or charge electronic/electrical equipment. This will:

  • Remove chargers per device;
  • Make cables and sockets unnecessary;
  • Deliver spatial freedom feeding or charging on-air and if needed;
    • Add data transfer combined with powering.
  • Reduce potential waste (batteries, cables, chargers).

This startup started on NL 4/4/2022. Planned Milestones:

    • Founding the company (b.v.) 09/22;
    • Patent registration 09/22;
    • From POP to POC: 09/22 -12/22 (Proof of Product and Proof of Concept, ie the product is working and ready for serial production and sales);
    • Local Tech staff and lab 10/22;
    • Developed wireless Electronic Shelf Etiquette charging and remote data transferring to ESE (for Malls and Groceries);
    • Developed wireless Communicative Censoring data and electricity receiving and sending;
    • Developed wireless energizing smart eyewear (e.g. for Google glass) and already (between TRL 1-5) initiated devices work on IoT solutions (rbd);
    • Developing wireless mobile phone charging in case;
    • Developing e-bike charging;
    • Developing All-round Transmitter sending electricity to all devices (Like a Wi-Fi internet modem) wirelessly on air;
    • Developing charging AA and AAA batteries;
    • Start certification process for the health sector (pacemaker), hearing devices, eyewear and other electronics that can benefit from wireless energy;
    • Start Crowdfunding 09/22;
    • Investigate and plan future market 12/22;
    • Start sales developed devices 08/22 and Find & test manufactures 08/22 — 01/23;
    • Sales and production 02/22 based on ready POC’s;
    • Start to sell ready-to-use products (e.g., Electronic Shelf Etiquettes) for malls, groceries. ESE shows on a tiny display the product data currently placed manually and receives its energy on-air;
    • Developing replacements for AA- and AAA batteries with super cap charging remotely (01/2023);
    • Start activities for target markets.

There are no customers yet. The Crowdfunding campaign will enable the first sales (transmitter and phone case). The market size is very big (data are available shortly. The startup sees that the market is in Phase 1 (close charging). This implies targets mobile phones (manufacturers), Phone cases (manufacturers), E-bikes (manufactures), Batteries (manufactures), Earbuds (manufacturers), computer mouses, keyboards (manufacturers), portable computers (manufacturers), portable things like speakers (manufactures), IOT (manufactures), portable hospital equipment (manufactures and base units), office spaces (base units), home installations (base units), public domain (base units), cars (base units), telco’s (base units) and add-on charging). The startup sees a large market on B2B side aswell: Manufacturers, Telcos, GSM production companies, eBike producers etc.

Traction on the market

  • They have interested parties for ESE several Grocery and Fashion chains.
  • With their communicative censoring (it has Smart City capacities, with permanent measurement of weather temp, humidity, illumination, traffic intensity) they have a meeting ahead with 2 cities

Currently they are involved technologically to develop the solutions mentioned above with the whole team members in 3 countries involved. (Mobile Phone Case is being prepared for Crowdfunding, wireless charging for batteries is being designed, BP is being produced and have a meeting ahead with a hardware producer regarding opening a production facility in NL).

For the hardware production they will probably choose a partner with available resources for the start serials (<10.000 pcs.).

Business model:

  • They will work B2B for the above targets. B2C with products like phone cases transferring energy on-air.
  • They will not work with tech giants that can be a competitor (likes Apple and so on).
  • They plan to work in and from the Netherlands -provided investor availability-, adding economic activities, that production can add to export capacity.
  • Licensing is not in the planned model yet. They plan to generate income by delivering wireless energy products at +15 – 20% above traditional products (charger, cable, iQ pad, case (as an example for a smartphone solution). The target cost-side at -15% or less for.

Customer type:

B2B, B2C

Preferable investor type:

Angel investor, Venture Capitalist, Adviseur


Transferring the electricity on-air wirelessly to devices to feed or charge them and get rid of million tons cables, adapters, and sockets worldwide and let the user have spatial true freedom.

Capital amount needed:

€1.250.000 (for the phase 1 lasting until 6/2023)

Investment need:

The investment will be used for the phase when they have a POC. 

  • Staffing €600.000,-;
  • Workplaces (lab) €200.000,-;
  • Technical devices €200.000,-;
  • Development cost €200.000,-;
  • Usual company €50.000,-.


    Deep Tech, Mobility, Energy



    Number of founders:


    Current number of employees:


    Experience founders:

    The founder invented 2000 G codecs for VOIP deleting delay in voice transmission in internet telephones and founded (now

    Monthly turnover (current):


    Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:

    €1.000.000,- (Starting)

    Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:


    Current monthly expenses:


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