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24 March 2022

Company description:

This company is a global creative ecosystem platform for screenwriters and production studios. The team of this company has developed the platform by its own. The platform breaks down barriers in the creative industry through:

(i) connecting writers and producers directly via their community;

(ii) enabling sales via their marketplace;

(iii) providing relevant insights to increase ROI.

Since the platform is globally active they also provide secure transaction of funds by using blockchain technology.

Currently they have 1K+ users. These are writers and producers from all around the world who joined their platform in the past 6 months when their beta version was released. With this beta version the platform already made 5 successful matches.

The market size is $3T (total addressable market) globally and $15B (service obtainable market). Industry fragmentation is inhibiting visibility, accessibility and interconnectivity amongst diverse content creators – this is the problem they are solving through their tech product and their services.

Key milestone achieved: Beta released Q3 2021; target milestone: next iteration on product roadmap Q2 2022. The operating company is registered in Q1 2020.


Business Model:

B2B SaaS platform.

Subscription model of $20 per month for writers and $200 per month for  production studios. Both include a free tier. The company also takes commission of 10% from the production studio following sales.


Customer type / profile:


Preferable investor type:

Angel investor, Venture Capitalist



The community created by this company can be regarded as the LinkedIn for the creative community where the creatives make valuable connections themselves. This currently doesn’t exist in the creative industry globally. The marketplace for scripts with the special technology (their secret sauce) adds to the uniqueness of the platform itself. This is a world first for the creative industry which has traditionally been exclusive and protected by gatekeepers.


Capital amount needed:


Investment need:

Hiring new staff: €1.000.000,-; 

– Marketing: €300.000,-; 

– Sales & Partnerships: €500.000,-; 

– Infrastructure/Tech: €1.200.000,-



B2B Software, Blockchain, Platform





Number of founders:



Current number of employees:




Chief Executive Officer – Domain & Commercial Expert  

She has been a global executive in creative, financial services, consulting and  technology industries for over 15 years. She has successfully exited previous entrepreneur ventures. Her domain expertise comes from her experience as a writer, producer and director whereas her commercial expertise is a result of the decade in commercial sectors as an exec. 

Chief Product & Technology Officer Product, Dev & Automation Expert

She has been a senior lead in automation, product, and dev across technology industry for over 15 years. She has managed and led tech teams all around the world – most recently with Genesys where she led the automation team for 8 years.



Additional and financial information:

Other investor information available upon request.

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