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22 February 2022

Company description:

This startup is established in 2018, currently owns Global exclusivity to market and trade leather (fashion) innovations, Project equity valuation at approx. 80 million EUR with monthly income estimated at 1 million EUR.

Key points:

  • It is a project designed for research, production & manufacture of leather (fashion) innovations;
  • Exclusive partnership with Indian tannery (for the prodution of the leather);
  • To become the legitimate new-world standard for leather innovations;
  • Authentic desire to evolve the sector;
  • Leather is designed for the future and undergoes a tanning process that is sustainably and innovational certified;
  • MVP ready (4 different products);
  • Option to produce the thinnest one on the market with 0,3 mm and has the same strength as the 0,4 mm produced by other tanneries.

Products and Services:

  • Research, develop, manufacture, market and trade leather innovations;
  • Startup’s first innovation is just ready for the market with the only leather approved for automatic machine wash with detergent at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius / 104 Fahrenheit, does not require maintenance, holds extra features, and comes with a standard three-year warranty;
  • Upcoming Bulletproof and Fireproof leather;
  • Manufacture services and development of leather apparel.

The project has 2 sources of income: trading leather B2B and Private Label manufacturing of exclusive products. The private Label manufacturing factories are located in Romania, Bucharest, and India. 


Business Model:

Exclusive license to market and trade leather innovations.

Customer type / profile:

B2B fashion companies, automotive, interior design, Governments (especially the bullet-/fireproof leather), trading companies.

Preferable investor type:

Angel investor



This startup is the owner of Globally exclusive license to market and trade leather innovations, currently with the only leather approved for automatic machine wash with detergent at temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius, does not require maintenance and more remarkable features. Furthermore they have also developed bulletproof leather and fireproof innovations for the leather industry. They produce and manufacture clothing and shoes in India.

Also, the startup distinguishes itself with other parties in the leather industry by using vegetables in the tanning process in stead of chrome. 


Capital amount needed:

€2.500.000,- (investor amount €500.000,-)

Investment need:

Funds will be used approx. 40% for the media coverage this year, the rest, in general  for employment, travel costs, etc.


Wholesale, Production, Fashion




However, the startup already has a finished product.


Number of founders:



Current number of employees:




The founder has distinguished himself already in the modern leather and fashion industries. He is a visionary in this field with his startup, futurist project developing leather innovations such as: The only leather approved for automatic machine wash with detergent, The thinnest leather in the world, Fireproof leather and the extraordinary Bulletproof leather, so far.

He is a native of Romania and based in Amsterdam, and his expertise across a wide range of business environments from event production to international business has caught the attention of industry leaders. Founded in 2018 as a provider of holographic light shows for the entertainment industry, the founder made the fortuitous decision to pivot into fashion in 2020. At this time, the founder also launched his own premiere fashion brand, personally designing a boutique line of leather streetwear for men. With his collection, he was able to partner with the Dutch luxury platform Wonders of Luxury as the exclusive sales channel.

This current startup isn’t the founder first successful foray into the world of start-ups. At the very young age of 22, began his first business based in Bucharest and in partnership with the Dutch investment company Laishoo Group. It was a high-profile event production company that organised events for top international DJs including Faithless and Sander van Doorn, as well as having an exclusive license for the Ministry of Sound in Romania for three years. With this company, he was personally responsible for the contracting and planning of all production elements including stage, sound, lighting, visual effects, security, and important media partnerships such as with the top-ranking Turkish television station Kanal D. Additionally, offstage he was directly engaged in coordinating ticketing, venue and artist bookings, bar service, first aid and, perhaps most importantly, event sponsorship. In this role, he negotiated partnerships with major sponsors including ING Bank who were the main sponsor for one event, Heineken, RedBull, Coca-Cola, Phillip Morris (Marlboro), British American Tobacco (Kent), Chio, DPD (Smirnoff, J&B), and Brown Forman (Jack Daniel’s). In 2012, Laishoo Group bought de founder out and have continued operating as a classical music event producer as the exclusive promoter of Andre Rieu and David Garrett in Romania.

The founder has a track-record of starting, operating, and scaling start-ups with great success. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Hyperion University Bucharest, Romania with a 3 years Major in International Business, and a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management from the National Economic College Craiova, Romania.


Monthly turnover (current):


Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:


The first revenue will be generated within 1-2 months after the additional capital is raised. 


Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:



Current monthly expenses:


Current monthly expenses are among other things: PR, media exposure, graphics, lawyer, consultants, travel, samples, shipments, website and email maintenance etc.


Committed funding in the current financing round:

Currently in negotiations for 2 million Euro loan, but also looking for a Dutch investor that is well connected with the fashion industry.

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