Social enterprise for asylum status holders/seekers with hidden tech talent

17 January 2022

Company description:

This company prepares the next generation of digital leaders by investing in world-class talent. They provide digital training to refugees, access to employment opportunities through our network of partners, and digital transformation services to growing companies around the world. As part of a social enterprise, approximately 20% of the company’s revenue will be directed towards the aligned ANBI foundation to fund the training academy, which will, in turn, provide more trained and skilled alumni for the company.

So far the company has generated 88.000 EUR in total turnover.

To date, 112 alumni’s have already completed the program and there were already 54 full-time roles created. Furthermore, 12 corporate partnerships have been closed.

In 2022, the company will increase their services and offering to corporate partners to help them become part of journey in terms of hiring, diversity targets, and supporting the SDGs.



The two B2B revenue streams are

1) Corporate partnerships for direct hires and;

2) Admin-as-a-service


Type of customers:

B2B: Large corporates & SMEs, Nonprofits & NGOs



The combination of the ANBI foundation and the social enterprise (BV) schooling asylum seekers, with hidden talents into highly skilled ICT employees. Those employees would otherwise be unemployed or underemployed.


Required investment:

€150.000,- (Co-investor: Total round is €300.000,-)

Ideal investor specs:

Angel investor; Incubator

Investment breakdown:

– Working capital €130.000,

– Capital investments: €20.000

Company phase:

Early Growth


Zakelijke dienstverlening; Impact

No. of founders: 


No. of current employees:


Experience of founders/team:

Founder 1 – 11 years of Salesforce consulting experience, 11X Salesforce certifications, Salesforce MVP, Salesforce Golden Hoodie Winner
Founder 2 – 15 years of experience in management and fundraising roles for social impact organizations, marketing professional

Turnover (current):

€88.000,- ARR (corporate partnerships are on an annual basis)


Turnover (forecast):

2022: €550.000,-

2023: €1.560.000,-


Monthly costs:



Has the entrepreneurs already collected an investment from third parties for the company in question?:

Yes, the company has raised €135k investment to date from 2 angel investors


Is a follow-up investment expected within 24 months?




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