Leveraging influencers and travel content

3 December 2021

Company description:

This startup leverages influencers and content for travel booking to make vacations bookable via social media. This startup is a Travel/Tech/Media company. 

They identified three big problems;

1. Influencers and content creators are not leveraging their impact and significance for bookings, and most importantly not giving users an opportunity to have the experiences and destinations presented to them.

2. Travelers spending 7.5 hours on average researching, on multiple websites, to planning their vacations with no one to help them.

3. Travelers are having to scramble to figure out what traveling post-Covid looks like and have no one to turn to for the right information. 


Their solution to these problems comes in three pieces:

1. A “one Click Away” solution allows bookings via social media. Their influencers drive bookings and convert followers into customers making us the only shop your trip company.

2. Watch and book complete travel itineraries or build your own at safely vetted destinations, making decisions easy and fast. 

3. Their proprietary technology allows for quick and easy booking of complete end-to-end vacations.

At this moment the startup has 7000 people in their sales funnels and almost €600.000,- in sales and another €750.000,- in the pipeline to close in the next 6 weeks. Thereby they have now 300 influencers combined with 30 million followers.

Business Model:

15% booking commission and they also make money from brand integration, affiliate marketing, licensing of content and a membership model.

Customer type / profile:

Millennials who make between 80-250k a year, B2C and SAAS

Preferable investor type:

Angel investor, Venture Capitalist and/or Private Equity



Unique content and influencer partnerships

Capital amount needed:

They are currently at a €7.000.000,- pre-money valuation and raising on a convertible note at 6% interest and 20% discount.

Investment need:



Travel, Media, Advertising & Communications



Series A


Number of founders:



Current number of employees:



Monthly turnover (current):


Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:

€15.000.000,- till €20.000.000,-


Current monthly expenses:



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