E-Commerce IT enabled Service Provider

20 January 2022

E-Commerce IT enabled Service Provider: Platform based payment, logistics and customer care services for mid-size cross border e-commerce companies. 

The company was founded in Q3 2021 with the purpose to address the increased market-demand for solutions to enable mid-size e-commerce companies to sell their products cross-border.

Mission: The company enables e-commerce companies to manage their entire operations through an integrated platform offering an end-to-end standardized solutions driving all aspects of their business process. These services cover payments, merchant of record, logistics & distribution, last-mile delivery, customer service and analytics & reporting but exclude building webshops & e-marketing.

Vision: In todays’ market e-commerce solutions should be easy to implement, rapid to modify and effortless to use for both the Client as well as their service providers. Cost can be reduced through avoidance of mistakes (first time right!) Standardization can make complex enterprise like systems accessible to small & mid-size e-commerce companies. At the same time these standardized systems will allow service providers to effectively access client groups through bundling resources.

Strategy: The startup works with best of breed solution providers and seamlessly integrates their service offerings through her platform. Deep e-commerce industry knowledge adds value to the deployment of these services to the clients. The startups’s cross border services are aimed at e-commerce companies selling from outside of Europe into Europe and vice versa. Consulting services can be part of the offering through sister company.


Business Model:

Fee on sold services, retainer fees and software licenses.

Customer type / profile:



Preferable investor type:

Angel investor, Venture Capitalist, Incubator/accelerator



Broad and deep knowledge of a complex market and a complete range of services not yet offered by other service providers.

Capital amount needed:

€ 1.000.000,-

Investment need:

Sales & Marketing


B2B Software, E-Commerce, Zakelijke dienstverlening, Platform



Early Growth


Number of founders:



Current number of employees:




+25 years of experience in e-commerce, logistics, contact centers & company start up & management

Monthly turnover (current):

€ 30.000,- (Break Even point to be reached at the end of Year 1)

Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:

€ 1.000.000,-

Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:



Current monthly expenses:



Committed funding in the current financing round:

Until now there has been €200.000,- invested in not billed hours.

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