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28 February 2022

Company description:

This company is incorporated in the Netherlands and consists of a group of companies in The Netherlands, Australia, Canada and the USA.

They create technology that generates solar IQ, this is a smart panel technology that delivers data, is trustworthy, is truly green and is tradable. Their own anchor hardware creates high-fidelity green energy data from proof-of-fusion. This source of generation record is secured directly into the blockchain. This blockchain data provides immutable, immediate, foundational truth in the reporting of green energy certificates, including RECS and EnergyTags.

Data that brings accelerated global scale to solar with a decentralized trusted oracle. And trust to measure their way to 2050 net zero targets, meet them and beat them.

The company brings new truth to renewable energy. Countries are making carbon emissions reduction targets especially around energy and it is unclear how these targets will be measured. Carbon off-sets which are the usual mechanism, are largely accounting that has little or no impact on the reduction of carbon in the atmosphere. The technology of this company directly addresses the global problem of green energy verification. Their sensor hardware is a crypto anchor that creates high-fidelity green energy data from every solar panel and secures this data directly into the blockchain. Their technology ecosystem and API licenses enable asset management efficiency, energy trading, fractional ownership and wallet applications.

Clients can be investors who want to invest in solar parks and have a clear view of solar production and registration of REC’s.

The company is launching its technology via 51 owned solar parks in Australia. The financing of these parks is currently being finalized.


Business Model:

Group income starts with a fleet of solar parks which will make regular Solar revenues. On top of this, the company will make revenues from her technology (chip) and IP rights.

In the short term, bigger contract sales to energy suppliers will be the main revenue stream (B2B). 

Future: The B2C revenue will be generated from own solar panels, which will be directly sold to customers. This is because the technology of the chip of the startup will enable the partial sale.  


Customer type / profile:

B2B (option for B2C in the future)


Preferable investor type:

Venture Capitalist; Incubator/accelerator



The company creates a Fintech service on top of solar energy.

The data that this company register unlocks a range of applications through their APIs that have critical implications in a new tokenized economy based on renewable energy generation. They can fractionize ownership, tokenize carbon credits, do transactions on these.


Capital amount needed:

$ 5.000.000,-

Investment need:

65% Further development

25% Sales organization

10% G&A



Deep Tech, Fintech, Energy



Series A 


Number of founders:



Current number of employees:




The two founders are serial entrepreneurs, with worldwide experience.

Co-founder 1: 35 years of experience with cryptography & underlying IoT technology. Pioneered digital cash for US Reserve Bank for US NavyCash in 1999. 

Co-founder 2: over 25 years of experience in international business. He has been a leader in solar storage projects, embedded networks, renewable engineering projects, and associated product distribution. 

The rest of the management team is very experienced, with large track-records. 


Monthly turnover (current):

Currently 0. No, revenue is expected this year, when the solar parks in Australia will become operational. 

Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:

$ 14.000.000,-

The company delivers energy to the grid in Australia, they have an agreement in place.


Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:

$ 37.000.000,-


Current monthly expenses:

$ 200.000,-

These costs are mainly for the development of the company. Currently financed by founders and angels.


Committed funding in the current financing round:

$ 0,-

Additional relevant information:

Current investments by founders and angels $ 900.000,-

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